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Dr. N. Manga Devi and Ms. G.Prabhavathi, with a strong belief that the child is the right instrument to change the face of the society, gave up their secured government jobs in Women Development and Child Welfare Department. They took training in an international training institute run by Mr. Justen, the personal representative of Mariya Montessori to equip themselves as full fledged Montessori Teachers. When school for threes were unheard of, in 1965 they started a “House of children” in the name “Sri Venkateswara Bala Kuteer” with a single child on rolls.

The Literary works of Dr.N.Manga Devi helped to motivate the children in this direction. Her effort in this field has been recognized at the state and national international levels. After the successful venture in academics, the providential meet with Mother Theressa, continuous financial and moral support from their beloved students and the inner urge to serve the needy resulted in the emergence of Chetana a Multipurpose Rural Project

The National Award for Child welfare from the President and Life Achievement Award in the field of Education from TANA, Chicago


Sri Venakteswara Bala Kuteer Secondary School Syamalanagar, 3rd line, Guntur – 522 006. A.P.


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